About this site …

Basically, it’s a blog.

The idea of a new blog has been nagging at me for months. Much of the stuff I want to share and talk about doesn’t fit on my professional site so it will go here instead.

I’m the type of person who likes to learn a little bit about a lot of different subjects and connect them when I can.

I’m anticipating this site will be a little like that – part writer’s notebook, part idea board where I can pin the eclectic mix of things that I come across on a daily basis and maybe, eventually, find some pattern.

I don’t expect too many dedicated followers for the site; if you’re here, it’s probably because you found a link to a specific post on Google. Still, I hope you’ll take some time to browse around and see what else might catch your interest.

If you’d like to comment on anything you see here, use the form below.

Thanks for visiting!

Andrew Comeau
August 2022